Our Mission

We have been around for so many decades that we can claim clearly that we are one of the pioneers in the industry. We have been literally growing up in this industry; perhaps right to say that with the industry.

The best collection of lights that you will ever see:

We are manufacturers of all kinds of lights; whether it is the interior or the exterior ones. Our repertoire for lights is so big that it is even impossible to draw up a catalogue of everything that is possible with us.

We are a designer’s paradise:

While we try to stock as much as possible on the sprawling flagship store that we have, a lot of it is on the computerized catalogue that is available on request. We are into customization of lights as well also along with bulk casting of lights.

The customization is most reasonable:

Considering the costs of creating designs and die casts for manufacturing of customized lighting solutions, our costs are extremely reasonable in the industry. When you come to us we not only ensure you the best in price but also the best in the quality that is ever possible.

Availability of phased out pieces:

A lot of people have difficulty in finding a piece of lighting that they have used in their houses some years or even decades ago. When a part of it or the entire light disintegrates or breaks following an accident, you may know how difficult it is to find a light to replace it because lights and their fittings are continuously phased out along the lines of fashion industry. But if something like that happens, you can always count on us to make you a similar looking light even if it means making a single crafted piece and also if it is not made by us originally and at an extremely reasonable price!