Going the natural way!

The in thing nowadays specially I you want to flaunt to the world that your carbon footprint is the bare minimum. The solar outdoor lights are a complete kit with the stump and the battery et al. They need no wiring whatsoever. Just install the light in a sunny spot and let the energy be collected in the affixed battery. When the sun goes down, the lights automatically on and voila! Your outdoor is lit up in the least polluting way!

The light must either be focused downwards or sideward:

The main thing to remember in outdoor lighting is to make sure that the lights do not illuminate upwards. This can make the outdoor look too bright without having the best results. Another reason why it is important is that too much of artificial light can interfere with the normal growth of plant life there.

You may want to get expert advice on the best lighting solution for your home and garden.  The internet is a good source for picking up knowledge nuggets on them. You could check out https://www.scotlightdirect.co.uk/ . They have options galore when it comes to lighting!

Reptiles galore:

Having literally no proper lighting in the garden can also turn out to be dangerous especially because there can be reptiles that can slide in and out of the place without coming under surveillance. Snakes and poisonous lizards stay away from well lit patches for fear of bang spotted and killed. You must ensure that the garden is well lit especially if you have very young children and older people living there.